What Inspired You to Start Your Business?


A lot of people are challenging their business assumptions right now. After nearly a year of coronavirus lockdown and continuous pivoting to stay viable, how in the world do you set clear business priorities and goals for the coming year? I’ve been thinking about this a lot – how do businesses, and business leaders, move [...]

What Inspired You to Start Your Business?2020-12-21T20:25:34+00:00

How B2B Buyer Behavior Has Changed


I’ve always believed that at the heart of it, business buyers are just consumers with different priorities and a bigger checkbook. Businesses now shop for suppliers very much like we do as consumers – digitally. That behavior is increasingly the norm. These pandemic months of sheltering in place have only accelerated changes in B2B buyer [...]

How B2B Buyer Behavior Has Changed2020-11-09T15:31:17+00:00

How to Set Sales Quotas


A friend in the process of starting a new business recently sent me an email, asking, “How in the world do I set sales quotas?” For anyone who hasn’t done this before, the answer can be fairly elusive. Setting quotas is a blend of art, experience, and data. Before you start, make sure your sales [...]

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How Business Leaders Can Help Clients Right Now


Business books written in the last 20 years certainly did not envision the current challenges posed by COVID-19. Whatever you thought 2020 would look like for your company is now a completely different picture. Any plan to achieve revenue objectives in the short term should be carefully reviewed with more than the usual amount of [...]

How Business Leaders Can Help Clients Right Now2020-04-13T20:52:24+00:00
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