How to Create Highly Effective Virtual Client Interactions

In this seventh month of social distancing, client communications seem ever more remote – less accessible and a bit aloof as well as physically distant. How in the world can [...]

September 9th, 2020|Tags: , , , , , |

How to Hire a Stellar Sales Team to Accelerate Your Recovery

If there is a silver lining to the pandemic-related economic shut down, it is that a lot of excellent salespeople are now available and hungry to contribute to your business. [...]

How Business Leaders Can Help Clients Right Now

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How the Right Value Proposition Removes Obstacles to Growth

Obstacles to growing a business are not always monetary. Issues that restrict a company’s ability to grow are sometimes related to the wrong value proposition (i.e., focusing on your business [...]

Murphy’s (Sales) Law: Everything That Can Go Wrong with Sales Performance, Will

Starting a company is hard work. Keeping it running properly is even harder. You live your life in a swirl of competing priorities; on any given day, you’re likely to [...]

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“Chris helped eTERA design and implement a customized sales playbook to help us grow our business effectively. His thorough analysis of our sales processes, incentive programs, sales coverage strategies, and hiring practices has laid the groundwork for our future growth plans.”
Scott Holec, President – eTERA
“Chris developed our sales compensation strategy, helped us find marketing and lead generation service providers, documented our sales process and wove it into, and hired and managed our first two sales people. He was a tremendous asset to Orderhouse.”
Mike D’Errico, CEO - Orderhouse
“Chris’s extensive senior sales leadership background was particularly instrumental as we grew our salesforce and developed sales managers, while launching new product offerings for our customer base. Chris was able to be strategic, but at the same time roll up his sleeves and be hands-on as is often necessary in an entrepreneurial organization.”
Lauren Fitzgerald, CHRO – Strategic Investment Group
“Chris is a world-class sales leader. His expertise includes both commercial and government markets, both in the US and globally. He is a strong people leader who was instrumental in the successful integration of DigitalGlobe and GeoEye.”
Jeff Tarr, CEO - DigitalGlobe
“Chris is an outstanding sales executive who not only understands the need for strong business results, but also possesses the business knowledge, management and interpersonal skills necessary to produce those strong results consistently.”
Joe Greeves, CFO - GeoEye
“It was a relief to have a sales professional with a big picture mindset in my C suite. He facilitated significant breakthrough for our firm. In addition, Chris tailored his program to match our timing and budget. I am thankful for his expertise. In addition, we have developed a friendship – what could be better than that?”
John Scott, CEO at Scott-Long Construction
“I initially engaged Chris to help us with our sales strategy, but he also helped us identify other holes in our overall business plan that we needed to address. He went a step further to find companies who could deliver what we needed, and they did. What sets Chris apart from other sales executives is his authenticity and genuine desire to provide value in helping you achieve your sales goals.”
Ola Sage, CEO - CyberRx

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